The Challenge of Legacy: Evolving Automotive Icons

In the high-stakes world of automotive design, the journey of maintaining a car’s desirability through generations presents a huge challenge to manufacturers. Sometimes, one's own moment of success can be an act too tough to follow. Few tales resonate more with the ethos of constant evolution than that of the Porsche 911, a masterpiece gently nudged forward with each iteration. It stands as a testament to the art of enhancement without losing the essence that fuels its legendary status. However, the automotive landscape is littered with tales of great sparks that shine brightly only to eventually fizzle down into oblivion, and the Audi TT is a poignant chapter in this saga. Or is it?!

The TT could be a great candidate for an electric sports car

The Audi TT Saga: From Groundbreaking Design to Uncertain Future

After 24 years and three generations of production, the curtains were drawn on the Audi TT in late 2023. The model, once celebrated for its groundbreaking Bauhaus design, couldn’t replicate the allure of its debut in its subsequent generations. The first-gen TT was an embodiment of excitement; its design clean, fresh, sharp, and deeply resonant with admirers of the Bauhaus aesthetic, establishing it as an icon of automotive design.

1999 Audi TT (left) next to our future model illustration

A New Spark: Rumors of an Electric Audi TT Resurrection

The plot thickens with whispers of a resurrection. Amidst the electric revolution, rumors are sparking conversations about a new dawn for the Audi TT. With Porsche's development of a bespoke electric sports car platform for the new Boxster, the stage is set for the TT to possibly share this innovative base. This presents a golden opportunity for the TT to reconnect with its Bauhaus roots, leveraging the flexibility of electric powertrains to forge a design that pays homage to the simplicity and elegance of the original.

With less cooling required by an EV air openings can be kept to a minimum

Future Cars 2.0 : Introducing motion to Automotive Visualization

Our studio, at the vanguard of automotive futurology, has embraced the latest technological advancements to move future car illustrations into video and animation. The TT is one of the first to benefit from this new format. Through dynamic illustrations and vivid motion pictures, we've sought to merge the foundational principles of Bauhaus with the limitless possibilities of electric mobility. While these motion pictures are not perfect yet, as we are still working out the bugs, this is as bad as they will ever be, as the quality will only improve from here. We are very excited to be able to deliver these at a price point and with the speed and quality that our clients require.

Rear turn signals in action

Reimagining Tradition: A Nostalgic Vision for the Electric TT

As enthusiasts of the original TT, our rendition seeks to capture the essence of its Bauhaus spirit, employing the architectural flexibility of electric platforms to envision a design that’s both nostalgic and forward-thinking. This project is not just a homage but a study in how the transition to EVs could be achieved without disconnecting from tradition and heritage.

No need for a grille with an EV

Join the Revolution: Embracing the Future of Automotive Rendering

Curious about our vision for the electric Audi TT? Intrigued by the possibility of owning a piece of this envisioned future? Don’t hesitate to explore our gallery or reach out. Our journey through imagination and innovation beckons, and your engagement could very well be the spark that lights the way forward.

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