Sometimes photography isn't enough. Here post production and CGI can step in to achieve whatever result you need. Our own imagination is the only limit. So, if you can think of it, be sure we can render it.

Our past experience in post production includes a wide variety of projects, from simple light and weather corrections to very complicated removal of camouflage on prototype cars to reveal the bodywork underneath.

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What is your illustration style?

We are specialized in photo-realistic illustrations. Meaning that our artworks appear to be photographs of vehicles, even though most times those vehicles don't exist yet.
But we do welcome a challenge and are flexible to try new styles.

How long does it take to create an illustration?

We have over a decade of experience with weekly magazines, so tight deadlines are actually our specialty. Our personal record is an illustration of the second gen BMW 1 Series, that needed to go on the cover of Auto Bild and we had to finish it in 45 minutes.

Do you illustrate other things than cars?

We do, on occasion, but vehicle design is our specialty and burning passion. We are diehard motor-heads at Avarvarii.