Welcome to my world of automotive art, where the future of cars comes to life through detailed illustrations and car renderings. Today, I am excited to take you on a journey through the transformation of Alpina, the renowned tuner turned luxury sub-brand. In this blog post, I'll not only present my two photo-realistic illustrations of the next-gen Alpina B7 and the Alpina XB7 but also delve deeper into the evolving landscape of automotive luxury and the future of Alpina.

A Tuning Legacy

Alpina's journey began as a small tuning company that specialized in creating low-volume, high-performance BMWs. These vehicles were not only fast but also exuded an aura of luxury, thanks to Alpina's meticulous craftsmanship. They were known for their distinctive wheels, powerful engines, and a ride quality that struck the perfect balance between sportiness and comfort. Alpina even played a pioneering role in reintroducing turbocharging to BMW's gasoline engines, a technology that would later become a hallmark of the BMW N54 engine.

Alpina logo and Alpina cars

Alpina Badge, 1995 Alpina C2 and 1993 Alpina B10 Biturbo

BMW's Bold Move

Fast forward to 2022, and BMW's acquisition of Alpina marked a significant turning point. Independent production of Alpina's unique BMW variants came to an end. Instead, Alpina is now poised to serve as a luxury sub-brand within the BMW family, with a focus on creating opulent versions of BMW's core models to compete head-to-head with Maybach and even Bentley, while allowing Rolls-Royce to remain an ultra-luxury brand.

New Beginnings

The initial offerings under this new arrangement are expected to be based on the upcoming Neue Klasse 7 Series and X7 models, replacing their current-generation counterparts. These vehicles will be built on BMW's versatile CLAR architecture and will be available in both electric and internal combustion variants.

Neue Klasse Alpina XB7 and B7 illustrations

A Symbolic Change

One of the key indicators of this transformation is the trademarking of a new Alpina logo by BMW. While the iconic gold pinstripes that have long been associated with Alpina's identity may or may not be retained, one thing is clear: Alpina is stepping into a new era of luxury, and BMW is keen to establish its identity as a formidable competitor in the luxury automotive segment.

Designing Luxury

Envisioning the future of Alpina, one can't help but imagine how these first luxury models might look. Drawing inspiration from BMW's new design language, as seen in the Vision Neue Klasse concept car, these vehicles are expected to feature large, horizontal kidney grilles that seamlessly integrate with the headlights. To emphasize their opulence, these grilles could even be adorned with golden trim, perfectly complementing the iconic Alpina pinstripes and the trademark multi-spoke wheels that have come to symbolize Alpina's unique style.

New Alpina logo trademarked by BMW

For the Enthusiasts

For those interested in these upcoming models, illustrations depicting their possible design direction are available for purchase in the online shop. As we eagerly await further details on these future Alpina creations, enthusiasts and automotive aficionados alike can look forward to witnessing the evolution of Alpina from a tuner to a luxury sub-brand within the BMW family.

Join the Conversation

If you have more information about this topic, comments, or simply wish to discuss the exciting future of Alpina, feel free to get in touch and share your thoughts. The fact that Alpina is not dead, but reinvented is great news and I’m very excited to see what future Alpina cars will look like.