Introduction to Our New Initiative

We've received several inquiries from followers on Instagram asking if we could illustrate specific cars. Most of the illustrations shared on our account to date have been commissioned by car magazines, and thus, they were financed by these publications. Once these images have been featured by the magazines for a certain period, you are able to enjoy them free of charge on our Instagram.

Chevrolet Camaro BEV

Proposing a Subscription Model

However, we've been contemplating whether there could be a way for followers to benefit from original illustrations tailored specifically to their interests. To address this, we're considering introducing a subscription model. We're thinking of something very affordable, perhaps around 3 euros per month. If enough subscribers sign up for this service, we could offer a couple of new car illustrations each month based on your preferences.

Mercedes CLK GTR

Scaling Based on Subscriber Numbers

Theoretically, if the number of subscribers reached into the hundreds, this model could support the creation of one or maybe two new illustrations each week. If subscriber numbers were to reach into the thousands, then we could really afford to show several angles of the same car, and even create videos like the ones we have recently experimented with.

BMW M5 Hybrid

Call to Action for Community Support

So, this is all about strengths in numbers. In order to keep this very affordable, ideally, we would need as many subscribers as possible. So, if you do know a friend who could be interested in this service, please share this post and mention how it could potentially benefit all.

Next-Gen Audi R8

Engaging Our Audience for Feedback

Let us know what you think of this idea. It would be very interesting for us to be able to illustrate cars that are separated from the editorial constraints of the traditional press, and which could follow the liberties and the original ideas that our audience craves for.

Join the Conversation

If you have more questions about this topic, comments, or simply wish to discuss the idea of a subscription model, feel free to get in touch and share your thoughts.