Early Fascination with Cars behind the Iron Curtain

My path to becoming an illustrator of future cars for car magazines is a story of unexpected turns and deep-rooted passion. Born behind the Iron Curtain (Romania), I developed an inexplicable fascination with cars despite their scarcity. This interest was so intense that I began drawing cars long before realizing car design was a career.

car doodles of a young artist

Doodles from the akward years

Discovering Car Design

As I pondered college, I discovered a newly minted university offering an industrial design BA nearby, with a section on product design. This was the closest I could get to learning car design, so I eagerly enrolled, hoping it would bring me closer to my dream.

The Part-Time Job That Changed Everything

While studying, I needed a part-time job. That's when I stumbled upon an editor role at topspeed.com, an American news website. Here, I started writing articles about cars, which often required visual aids for the stories.

early CGI of future cars

Some of the first published CGI

The Birth of Future Car Illustrations

Around 2008, future car illustrations were not common, except for Auto Bild magazine's hand-drawn sketches by Huckfeldt. Inspired by this and my growing interest in CGI, which was a novelty at the time, I began creating car renders to accompany my articles. These renders gradually became more elaborate and started gaining attention, leading to a commission from Lehman Photo Syndication, the top car paparazzi at the time.

illustrations of Jaguar future cars

Commission for Lehmann

Gaining Recognition

Lehman Photosyndication's idea was to pair spy photographs of prototypes with my revealing automotive art and offer them as a package to car magazines. This concept proved successful and caught the attention of Auto Bild magazine. Soon, more and more magazines worldwide began commissioning my work.

car magazines

First artworks on magazine covers

A Turning Point in Milan

In 2010, while on a scholarship from Lamborghini at a master course in Milan, I faced the challenge of juggling school and work. This period, though demanding, was filled with unforgettable experiences, like witnessing the construction of a Reventon Roadster at Lamborghini.

Young designers at work

Learning the craft

The Viral Lamborghini Project

During my time there, Walter De Silva gave us an unexpected task: envisioning an electric Lamborghini. I proposed 'Minotauro', a design that diverged from Lamborghini's sharp edges style. This project, though a student endeavor, went viral under the mistaken belief that it was a real Lamborghini model, leading to confusion and fascination alike. It landed me in a lot of hot-water with Lamborghini, which thought that was a planned PR move on my part, and ultimately made me somewhat of an outcast with them.

Lamborghini Minotauro design sketches

Lamborghini Minotauro Project

Embracing My Path

This experience, while controversial, solidified my focus on car illustration. My unintended “PR stunt” worked and commissions from global car magazines poured in, from the USA to Japan, Brazil, and South Africa. Balancing passion and perseverance, I found my calling in illustrating future cars.

Avarvarii Automotive Artworks

Some of my best artwork

The Essence of My Success

Looking back, my success boils down to a relentless passion for cars, a joy in creating renderings, and an undying perseverance. It's about doing what you love over and over, constantly striving for betterment.

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