As some of you might have noticed, all of our illustrations feature a percentage displayed in the bottom left corner. Today, we've decided to shed some light on what these figures actually represent. This percentage is an accuracy rating that we assign to each of our illustrations, indicating how accurate we believe they are in comparison to the finished product—the official car as it will eventually look. This rating system is a subjective assessment, a blend of educated guesswork, keen observation, and artistic interpretation.

Speculative Renders (25% Accuracy)

The lowest accuracy rating we assign is 25%, typically reserved for renders that are largely speculative. These illustrations pertain to cars that, at the time of rendering, are merely rumors. They are based more on our ideas and less on actual facts. For instance, our render of the upcoming Maserati Quattroporte EV falls into this category. With no concept cars shown by Maserati and no test cars spotted under camouflage, this illustration is largely speculative, drawing on the general design language of Maserati and incorporating elements from previous models alongside the company's current design trends. These renders are some of our favorites, as they allow for a great deal of creative freedom and are very enjoyable to make. While they may not be the most informative, serving more as placeholders, our readers seem to enjoy them greatly for the fun and imaginative possibilities they represent.

Maserati Quattroporte BEV illustration with a 25% accuracy rating

Informed Guesses (50% Accuracy)

Renders with a 50% accuracy rating are based on a more substantial foundation of information. While many details remain uncertain, key features about the car are known. An example of this is our illustration of the BMW M4 Neue Klasse Cabriolet. Having seen the BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept car, which previews the next generation 3 Series, we have a reliable grasp of the horizontal grille, general proportions, and BMW's cohesive brand identity. This allows us to say with confidence that we've likely got about half of the details right in this illustration.

BMW M4 Neue Klasse Cabrio illustration with a 50% accuracty rating

Highly Predictive Renders (75% Accuracy)

Our illustrations that receive a 75% rating, such as the render of the Hyundai Pony N, are based on much clearer information. This rating applies to cars like the production version of Hyundai's Vision N concept car, where the transition from concept to production model involves a toning down of the more flamboyant concept features. Given the concept car as a reference, these illustrations boast a higher degree of predictability and, consequently, a higher accuracy rating. However, since there are always details that remain uncertain until the official reveal, we refrain from assigning a higher accuracy rating.

Hyundai Pony N illustration with a 75% accuracty rating

Near-Certain Illustrations (Close to 100% Accuracy)

Finally, our illustrations that are very close to 100% accuracy are based on very solid information, such as patent sketches, leaked materials, or highly revealing spy photographs. By piecing together all these clues, we sometimes manage to virtually unveil the complete car with a high degree of confidence. For instance, our illustration of the upcoming Porsche 911 facelift, which features a new kind of active aero in the front, is informed by such reliable sources.

Porsche 991 (992.2) illustration with 95% accuracty rating

Evolving Accuracy Through Stages

Occasionally, we have the opportunity to illustrate one car through all these stages of accuracy. The series of illustrations for the current BMW Z4 is a prime example. Our first render in January 2016 had an accuracy rating of only 25%, as little was known about the car. By April, after spotting some prototypes under heavy camouflage, we refined our render to a 50% accuracy rating. In February 2017, further revealing spy photos allowed us to upgrade our illustration to a 75% rating. Finally, by May 2018, as the official reveal approached and we compiled a wealth of information, our render was very close to the finished car.

The current gen BMW Z4 illustrated consecutively with various degrees of accuracy

The current gen BMW Z4 illustrated consecutively with various degrees of accuracy

Closing word

These accuracy ratings not only invite our viewers into the speculative yet informed world of automotive illustration but also showcase the creative process and the evolution of car designs from rumors to reality, illustrating the blend of artistry and informed prediction that defines our work.

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